• GCS Elementary reports  progress to families  three times each academic year, or roughly every 12 weeks: mid November, mid March and the end of the school year.   The Elementary Report Card is a standards referenced reporting tool.  It is designed to provide:

    • Information to parents about how your child is progressing toward the NYS Next Generation Learning Standards.  These standards specify what students should know, understand, and be able to do
    • Information to parents about your child's Effort in each academic area.  Determination and perseverence have a large impact on academic outcomes.  A student's belief that effort leads to achievement is more likely not to get discouraged by challenges or failures because they believe that with more effort will come success. 

    What Is a Good Way to Talk about the Report Card with My Child?

    Talking with your child about the report card can be a positive, productive experience. The following points may help:

    1. Plan to talk in a quiet place and time.

    2. Start with the good news. Talk about your child’s successes first.

    3. For disappointing grades, ask questions so you and your child understand how a grade was earned. - How difficult was the work? - Was work completed and turned in? - Was extra help needed? - Would more participation or effort have made a difference?

    4. Set realistic goals and make a plan for improvement.

    5. Work together and follow through on your plan.

    What are Parent/Teacher Conference Days?

    At GCS elementary a day is dedicated for parents to meet with their child's teacher shortly after report cards are sent home.  Although you or your child’s teacher may request a conference at any time, this is an optimal time to discuss your child’s strengths and needs and to establish a partnership that contributes to your child’s success in school.  This year conferencing will happen via zoom or by phone due to the pandemic

     The Academic performance levels are as follows:

    • 4 - Exceeds current grade level expectations indicates that the student consistently exceeds grade-level academic standards and expectations
    • 3 - Meets current grade level expectations indicates that the student consistently demonstrates grade-level academic standards and expectations
    • 2 - Approaching current grade level expectations indicates that the student is working toward the grade-level academic standards and expectations
    • 1 - Below current grade level expectation indicates that the student does not demonstrate grade-level academic standards and expectations yet
    • N/A - Incomplete and/or  Insufficient Work indicates that the student has not completed sufficient work to demonstrate grade-level academic standards and expectations. 

    N/A will also be used at grades 3 & 4 in the Social Studies and/or Science content areas due to that content not being taught yet.  In this case it means a grade is Not Applicable at this point yet


    Your child's attendance will also be noted on the Report Card.  This has been a very unique and challenging year starting in the hybrid model.  Families have had the extra responsibility of supporting their child with their online learning.  We are required to take attendance on both in-person and virtual days, therefore student particpation and engagement on those virtual days is critical.  We understand the challenges this presents, but we encourage you to please let us know how we can help in getting your child to school and also to engage in their work on their virtual days.  We also understand that with the COVID - 19 restrictions that students may need to be out of school due to waiting on test results or if they are exhibiting any symptoms.  

    Attendance Criteria has been developed for our "All Remote" students and our "Hybrid" students.  We ask that you keep ongoing and open communication with your child's teacher if your they are unable to complete their work one day or there are some other circumstances that arise.  Please click on Attendance Criteria for more information.