Homework Philosophy


    At Geneseo Elementary We Believe…...

    Homework can provide opportunities for peer and adult involvement, but should also be work that a child can successfully complete on their own.

    Homework is one of many ways to develop & support time management skills and responsibility

    Homework should have reasonable deadlines to support a family’s busy schedule

    If a student needs extra support in completing their homework, the school will work with the student to support him/her.

    Homework is differentiated based on age and academic needs.  Homework should increase gradually in the amount of time required as a student progresses through the grades.  Guidelines suggest no more than 10 min increase per grade level starting at 1st grade. (ie: 1st grade 10 min, 2nd grade 20 min, etc)

    Homework can be in a variety of formats and provide a variety of choices.  (ie: games, choice charts, online resources). It should be linked to learning or skills that are being taught in the classroom.