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    Picture of the Counseling Team with Masks on

    Geneseo Central School Counseling Office

    Welcome to the Geneseo Central School Counseling Department.  The goal of our counseling team is to provide a comprehensive program that assists in the academic, career, and social-emotional development of all students in grades K-12.


    **Resources for Students and Parents during COVID-19


    Please note that all grade reports are given to parents through our Parent Portal.  If you have not set up your Parent Portal account, please contact the Counseling Office Secretary at x1019 to set it up or to request paper copies of your child's grade reports that will be mailed home.


    Counseling Department Faculty/Staff

    Beki Kaye - School Counselor, grades K-5    x 3045

    Teresa Holt - School Counselor, grades 6-9     x 1119

    Suzanne Scholand - School Counselor, grades 10-12     x 1319

    Jodie Robyn - School Psychologist, Grades 6-12    x 1219

    Scott Miller - School Psychologist, Grades K-5     x 3046

    Theresa McDonald- Committee on Special Education Chairperson    x 2265

    Pam Hammond - MS/HS Counseling Office Secretary     x 1019

    Joan Henchen - GCS School Registrar for K-12.  All new entrants must register through her office.    x 1028




    GCS Counseling Plan 2021-22