Health & Physical Education

  • Geneseo Physical Education


    During our time away from the school building the MS/HS physical education department is encouraging all of our students to play for 60 minutes or more every day!


    ·        Play with family or individually

    ·        Be sure to practice good hygiene; regularly wash your hands, change your clothes after activity and bathe.  


    Below is a list of ideas to keep yourself active and moving:

    Go for a bike ride

    Play catch 

    Play basketball

    Go for a Hike/ Walk

    Go for a jog

    Horseback riding

    Body weight exercises



    Soccer passing off a wall or with family

    Go to Highland park

    Run on a track

    Play disc golf on the SUNY Geneseo course




    Lawn Games


    Jump Rope

    Ping Pong


    Jump on a Trampoline

    Indoor Scavenger hunt



    If you have access to a phone, tablet, computer and wifi below is a list of apps/ websites and resources for more movement activities:


    Apps:                                                                         Other Online Resources:

    Nike Training Club (NTC)                                           Youtube Fitness Videos

    Map My Run                                                   

    Map My Ride                                                   

    Down Dog                                                       

    Myfitness Pal                                                            Use your phone, fitbit, etc. 

    UDisc– Disc Golf                                                            to track daily steps

    Jefit – workout app                                       


    5K Runner

    Workout Producer


    Being physically active is important for lots of reasons:

    It helps you look and feel your best. Physical activity can give you more energy, improve your self-image and help you manage stress. Staying active helps shape your muscles, can help you maintain a healthy weight and can improve your posture!  It helps you have a healthy heart and body, now and later. High blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, bone weakness and heart disease are things we hear about in older people – our parents, grandparents and others. The truth is that these diseases can begin in youth. Sixty minutes of daily physical activity helps build long-term health. By becoming more active now, you’re building healthy habits that can keep you healthy.

                                                                                                                Source: Fuel Up To Play 60