Geneseo Reads

  • Geneseo Reads will be after school for students in grades 3-5.  The club will be split into two books. The first book will meet once a week after school for 10-15 weeks in a row, depending on the book.  After the completion of the first book, a second book will be chosen and we will meet for an additional 10-15 weeks in a row after school.
    Geneseo Reads is an activity for girls and boys to participate in reading some great books and doing some fun follow up activities. During our time together the adults will read aloud, the students will read aloud, and we will have fun learning about the book and sharing ideas. We’ll work on our fluency through oral reading, make inferences, build comprehension, and hopefully instill a love for reading. 
    Dates and more information for Geneseo Reads will be sent home with the students.
    If you have any questions, you can contact: