• Saturday Quest


    The Saturday Quest program was developed to provide children and their parents an opportunity to spend time together and socialize with others.  In order to ensure that the program remains fun and safe, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of the program guidelines.  

    ~Students and parents/guardians should arrive no earlier than 9:20 am and sit quietly in the in the large cafeteria.  At 9:30 am they will be directed to their designated activity. Chaperones will have a list of students and will check them in at each activity area. 

    ~All students must have a signed permission slip to participate.  Permission slips are due to the classroom teacher by Thursday so we have enough chaperones. 

    ~Children MUST be enrolled in Geneseo to participate!  Any non-school age children that attend Quest with their sibling(s) must be supervised at all times by the parent/guardian. 

    ~Parents need to bring their child into the cafeteria and come to the foyer to pick him/her up at 11:30am.  NO child will leave the building without the adult responsible for picking him/her up.  Please try to be prompt. 

    ~The Quest dates for this year are:  September 15, October 13, November 3, January 12, February 9 and March 2 from 9:30-11:30 am. Hope to see you at all of them! 

    I look forward to another successful year with Quest.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 243-3450 extension 3045. 


    Beki Kaye

    Elementary Counselor



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